[Sca-cooks] ISO resources for history of cast iron cookware

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Sun Jun 12 23:58:50 PDT 2011

Yes, cast iron has reared its blackened head yet again, on another SCA cooking list. Someone there, when asked for evidence of cast iron pots within SCA period, quoted passages from several, mostly cookware, sites, none of actually specified a date for cast iron cookware within SCA period, but did mentioned forged and riveted iron ware during that time.

>From what little i have seen, the technology of cast iron appears to have been used primarily for military weapons, not cooks' tools until the end of SCA period or the mid- to late- 17th c. This is not an area into which i have done any research.

So i would like to present some information from more reputable resources for the benefit of the listees. I know this topic has come up here multiple times, and a rapid search of my archives indicates that Dook Gunthar and Bear, among others, have been fairly specific about the use of cast iron technology for cookware, rather than just the existence of the technology of casting iron.

Thanks for any reliable bibliographic references,

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