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define "pickled"?

in theory, fish agredouce could be seen as a fish in a sweet/vinegar sauce? or do you mean one that specifically
says something about "and this to keepe all the year" or the like?


The recipe says "and keep if for use" so I'm assuming it sits for awhile and you use it as you need it-- although the recipe isn't explicit about time period. Here's a transcription:

To pickle salmond
Take a fresh Salmond, cut it in Pieces, boil it neither too much nor two little, put a Handful of Salt in the Water, then take it out and let it coll and then take of the best white Wine Veingar a Pint, a choppen of Water, half a Ounce of White Pepper, half an Ounce of Ginger, half an Ounce of Jamaica Pepper and a handful of salt; boil all those together, till the Pickle tast well of the Spice, let it cool, and put the Salmond into the cask where you keep it, pour the Pickle on it when it is cold, and keep it for Use. put a little Oil of coves on it, and cover it very close.

toodles, margaret

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