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Pottery made in Mexico, South America and China sometimes contain lead. It is often in the glaze. However, I did find glaze that contained lead at one my art retreats here in California. Enamel colors, unless otherwise stated, will have lead.  
Pewter is another source of lead. It used to be made of tin and lead. It is still the case unless it says lead free. But, then you have to be cautious of the zinc content. Anything made after 1980ish should be lead in th e United States. 
I buy my lead testers at my local hardware store and is a good investment.
Aelina the Saami

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it can...depends on the source of the clay and the glazes used. you can get cheap testing kits for lead and 
find out if your stuff is ok or not....

also not just "old" pottery is at risk...newer stuff from places without our stringent anti-lead rules, or 
stuff made by potters who dig their own clay or make their own glazes might contain lead.

happy cooking!
--Anne-Marie, who buys her stuff from potters who she knows and trusts re: their clay and glazes :)

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> Wait, somewhere I had heard that old pottery had lead in it,
> too.....couldsomeone clarify this for me?
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