[Sca-cooks] period spice containers/storage

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Fri Jun 24 23:15:56 PDT 2011

--- Claire Clarke <angharad at adam.com.au> schrieb am Sa, 25.6.2011:

> *****************************************
> Um, aren't peach kernels poisonous? And cherry stones are
> very hard. I can't
> see them softening enough to eat, even after candying. Or
> did people just
> suck the sugar off and get a bit of cherry flavour along
> with it?

I can only speculate what the dsid, but like peach and apricot kernels, cherry  stones contain a nut that  you can extract. It was used to flavour cherry dishes in period, and that is what they may have bcandied.

And yes, peach kernels are poisonous, but not eat-one-and-drop-dead poisonous. I accidentally overdosed on them once (the leaching process hadn't worked out the way the  source said it should) and got a bad case of the trots. If you eat one or two, nothing much should happen. 



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