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 Brangwayna Morgan proclaimed:
<<< I have only ever used fish and once, quail.  It is very difficult to get venison in Pennsylvania unless you have hunters in your group; venison is not permitted for sale to the public in this state.  And locally, finding things like rabbit isn't very easy either, although it can be done in some places. >>>

Yep. Not knowing any hunters, the only time I ever seem to get to eat venison is at occasional SCA feasts. :-(

You might consider some of the sources given in this Florilegium file for some occasional game animals. 

food-sources-msg (68K) 1/31/08 Modern sources for unusual medieval meats and other foods.

Another possibility is to get someone in your group to raise the animals you wish to use. A lot of effort though. We did have one head cook raise doves or quail for one of our baronial feasts a couple of years ago and this file contains some other examples of groups doing this.

rasng-fd-fsts-msg (8K) 9/ 5/05 Raising plants and animals for SCA feasts

Again, here is the article that Alizaundre, Demoiselle de Brebeuf, mentioned a couple of weeks ago. At the time it wasn't in the Florilegium, despite her comments. It is now. Err. Okay. It should be in the FEASTS section as soon as I find the time to upload the next batch of files.
Hlvg-Fst-Csts-art (20K) 2/ 8/11 "Rob Peter to feed Paul: halving feast costs" by Honour Horne-Jaruk.


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