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Back in August and September 2010, I listed several books that are now  
available as EEBO Editions. This includes cookery books, etc., but  
also works on gardening, herbals, assizes of bread. Lots of great  
original titles.

In December they did another release, so there are more titles now  
being sold on Amazon.
New titles include several 17th works that may be of interest:

  "A closet for ladies and gentlevvomen. Or, The art of preserving,  
conserving, and candying With the manner how to make diverse kindes of  
syrupes: and ... and salues for sundry diseases. (1614)"
Anon; Paperback; $19.31

  "A Book of fruits and flowers shewing the nature and use of them,  
either for meat or medicine: as also, to preserve, conserve, candy,  
and in wedges, or ... of sugar-works, turn'd works in sugar (1656)"
Anon; Paperback; $13.85

"The accomplisht cook, or, The art and mystery of cookery wherein the  
whole art is revealed in a more easie and perfect method, than hath  
been publisht ... ... / approved by ... Robert May ... (1678)"
Robert May; Paperback; $30.97

"A Closet for ladies and gentlewomen, or, The art of preseruing,  
conseruing, and candying with the manner how to make diuers kindes of  
sirups, and all ... and salues for sundrie diseases. (1630)"
Anon; Paperback; $18.53

"Delights for ladies to adorne their persons, tables, closets, and  
distillatories, with beauties, banquets, perfumes and waters. (1640)"
Hugh Plat; Paperback; $18.53

"The jewell house of art and nature conteining diuers rare and  
profitable inuentions, together with sundry new experimentes in the  
art of husbandry, distillation, and moulding (1594)"
Hugh Plat; Paperback; $21.09

"The widowes treasure plentifully furnished with sundry precious and  
approoued secretes in phisicke and chirurgery for the health and  
pleasure of ... practises and conclusions of cookerie (1588)"
John Partridge; Paperback; $15.41

"The gentlewoman's delight in cookery: containing the newest art of  
dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, or fish, either roasted, boiled,  
baked, stewed, ... way of raising paste, and making pyes (1690)"
Anon; Paperback; $12.29

"A true gentlewomans delight Wherein is contained all manner of  
cookery: together with preserving, conserving, drying and candying.  
Very necessary for ... gentlewomen. Published by W. I. gent. (1653)"
W. J; Paperback; $16.97

"The queen-like closet; or, Rich cabinet stored with all manner of  
rare receipts for preserving, candying & cookery. Very pleasant and  
beneficial to ... of the female sex. By Hannah Wolley. (1670)"
Hannah Woolley; Paperback; $27.17

"The English hous-wife, containing the inward and outward vertues  
which ought to be in a compleat woman: as her skill in physick,  
surgery, cookery, ... stuff, ordering of great feasts (1664)"
Gervase Markham; Paperback; $19.31

  "The treasurie of hidden secrets, commonly called, The good-huswives  
closet of provision, for the health of her houshold Gathered out of  
sundrie ... practised by men of great knowledge (1637)"
John Partridge; Paperback; $14.63

  "The greate herball which geueth parfyte knowledge and  
vnderstandinge of al maner of herbes, and theyr gracious vertues,  
whiche God hath ordeyned for our prosperous welfare and health (1561)"
Anon; Paperback; $22.61

  "A good huswifes handmaide for the kitchin Containing manie  
principall pointes of cookerie, aswell how to dresse meates, after  
sundrie the best fashions vsed in England and other countries (1594)"
Anon; Paperback; $14.63

"Delightes for ladies to adorne their persons, tables, closets, and  
distillatories, with beauties, banquets, perfumes and waters. (1611)"
Hugh Plat; Paperback; $25.65

  "The garden of Eden, or, An accurate description of all flowers and  
fruits now growing in England with particular rules how to advance  
their nature and growth as well in seeds and herbs (1675)"
Hugh Plat; Paperback; $24.89

  "The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick,  
beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and  
candying fruits & flowers ... receipts in physick and chirurgery (1675)"
Hannah Woolley; Paperback; $26.41

"The vviddovves treasure Plentifully furnished with sundry precious  
and approued secrets in physicke and chirurgery, for the health and  
pleasure of man-kinde.  (1631)"
John Partridge; Paperback; $14.63

"A perfect school of instructions for the officers of the mouth  
shewing the whole art of a master of the household [sic], a master  
carver, a master ... a master cook, a pastryman (1682)" Giles Rose;  
Paperback; $34.77

  "Here begynneth the boke named the Assize of bread, what it ought to  
wey after the pryse of a quarter of wheet and also the assyse of ale,  
with al ... and the weyght of butter and cheese. (1560)"
Anon; Paperback; $12.29

"A Propre new booke of cokery declaryng what maner of meates bee best  
in ceason for all tymes of ye yere and how thes ought to bee dressed  
and serued ... and fisshe daies: with a newe addicion (1545)"
Anon; Paperback; $12.29

"The gentlewomans cabinet unlocked. Wherein is contained many  
excellent receipts for neat dressing of divers sorts of meats; as  
flesh and fish, with ... of making pancakes, fritters, tansies (1688)"
Anon; Paperback; $12.29

  "The Assise of bread and ale, and dyuers other thynges as appereth  
on the other syde of the leafe. (1532)"
Anon; Paperback; $13.07

"Here begynneth the boke named the Assyse of breade, what it ought to  
weye after the pryce of a quarter of wheete and also the assyse of  
ale, with all ... and the weyght of butter and chese. (1555)"
Anon; Paperback; $12.29

Searching them is a bit of a bother. The best way to find them is go  
to Amazon. Then do an advanced search in books and  under publication  
search under EEBO Editions.
  Then in the keyword box, add in terms like cookery or Markham or  
Partridge or even Delightes. Keep playing around is what I suggest.  
There are now several volumes that are available from different years,  
so you can choose different editions by year. There are three assizes  
of bread now available - 1560, 1532, and 1555.

There's 44 titles under Cooking, Food & Wine › EEBO Editions

Johnnae, playing librarian

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