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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Mar 3 19:17:04 PST 2011

Angharad replied to me with:
<<< You know I was going to say, but then I thought maybe the .au in my email
address would be sufficient clue.>>>

It does help. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until right after I'd sent my message. Sorry.

<<< Also I get a little weary of saying 'here
in Australia' as if I'm some kind of representative. In fact what I said is
not true of either all parts of Australia or all parts of the Kingdom of

Exactly. The only time I've seen much on the differences between different parts of Lochac was when we were talking about modern Australian meat pies and "floaters". And since I'm on the Lochac mail list, some of the comments from there. I might at first assume that, since the populated points in Australia ring the coast that fish would be fairly, or at least equally, available. But that may well be wrong. 

<<< Without listing all the baronies where I've eaten or cooked, I
suppose you could say my experience is representative of a broad swathe of
south eastern Australia. >>>

 Yes, that helps.

<<< Apologies if I sound kind of grumpy but  I am in bed with a cold right now. >>>

I hope you are feeling better, soon.

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