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Tue Mar 8 15:43:23 PST 2011

>not particular to period, or location (norther Europe and 13-1500s 
>is fine, but
>honestly I adore mujadarah (though have not found a period recipe for it)
>I am looking specifically for vegetarian or better yet vegan safe. 
>(last week I
>did a pea soup that has onions browned in olive oil, and is seasoned with
>pepper, (I added some salt) and herbs.  dont want to repeat but something
>similar would thrill me

If you don't mind eggs, you might like this, which is a favorite of 
ours; we've often made it over the campfire at Pennsic:

Cooked Dish of Lentils
al-Andalusi no. 377 (Good)

Wash lentils and put them to cook in a pot with sweet water, oil, 
pepper, coriander and cut onion. When they are cooked throw in salt, 
a little saffron and vinegar; break three eggs, leave for a while on 
the flame and later retire the pot. Other times cook without onion. 
If you wish cook it with Egyptian beans pricked into which have been 
given a boil. Or better with dissolved yeast over a gentle fire. When 
the lentils begin to thicken add good butter or sweet oil, bit by 
bit, alike until it gets absorbed, until they are sufficiently cooked 
and have enough oil. Then retire it from the flame and sprinkle with 

_ lb onions	_ t salt
1 _ c dried lentils	12 threads saffron
2 _ c water	2 T vinegar
1 _ T oil	4 eggs
_ t pepper	more pepper
1 _ t coriander	(Egyptian beans)
4 T butter (or oil)	(yeast)

Slice onions. Put lentils, water, oil, pepper, coriander and onion in 
a pot, bring to a boil, and turn down to a bare simmer. Cook covered 
50 minutes, stirring periodically. Add butter or oil and cook while 
stirring for about 5 minutes. Add salt, saffron (crushed into 1 t 
water) and vinegar, and bring back to a boil. Put eggs on top, cover 
pot and keep lentils at a simmer; stir cautiously every few minutes 
in order to scrape the bottom of the pot without stirring in the 
eggs. We find that if the heat is off, the eggs don't cook; if the 
heat is up at medium, the eggs cook, but the lentils start to stick 
to the pot. A larger quantity might hold enough heat to cook the eggs 
without leaving it on the flame. When the eggs are cooked, sprinkle 
with a little more pepper and serve. Makes 5 _ c.

(From the Miscellany)

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