[Sca-cooks] Fasting for Lent

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Wed Mar 9 09:17:06 PST 2011

> Greetings all, and welcome to Lent.
> Many years ago several of us here discussed doing Lenten fasts with various
> levels of medieval diet, whether to observe for a religious nature or as a
> medieval persona exercise.  I am not a Catholic, but am always interested in
> ways to get in touch with the life of my persona.  I know that after a full
> 6 weeks of a medieval Lenten diet I was extremely tired of white fish, and
> felt I had made a very real connection with Christianna's life!  LOL
> Is anyone else fasting for Lent or for Spring?  What do you hope to get out
> of it?  Will you go back after your fast is over?
> Christianna

I'm doing the full-out medieval fast. No meat, dairy, eggs. And I'm not 
planning to cheat with soy-based fake food. I'm going to see if I can 
eventually work my way into the 'one meal plus collation', depending on 
how well I can manage blood sugar levels (I'm not diabetic, just dealing 
with cardiac issues, so it's a balance).

I had, about a year ago, dropped my meat consumption to maybe twice a 
week, but I spent Dec/Jan/Feb dealing with a family emergency, and 
between travel and some crazy hours, I was eating a lot of fast food and 
meat. So I'm hoping that the Lenten fast will bump me back on track, so 
I can get back toward a healthier diet.

I am not terribly fond of fish, but I love shrimp and scallops, so I 
should be ok.


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