[Sca-cooks] more lentils, think we have a keeper

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Thu Mar 10 10:42:11 PST 2011

Late in the game due to a computer being sidelined, I come with a German
recipe from Staindl (page 104 on the pdf version from google books).

Linsen Suppen

cclvii.  Linsen die seud fein gemachlich / rost ein zwiffel da-
rein / seurs / stipps / thu Weinberlin darauff / gibs auff ein
bawts brot / vnd fur ein nacht essen.

Lentil soup

257.  Lentils boil them nicely unhurried / roast an onion there-
in / sour / season / put raisins thereon / serve on a
toasted bread / and for a night dish.

Could the lentils be thick enough to be spreadable on toasted bread?  The
previous recipe is for cooked chickpeas ground creamy and served on
toasted rolls with raisins.  I suppose this could be a sweet and sour
dish, probably spiced with the popular German cinnamon/cloves/nutmeg trio,
soured with vinegar and the raisins providing the sweet note.  Just
guessing on my part.


with diacritical marks
Linsen Suppen

cclvii.  Linsen die seüd fein gemächlich / röst ein zwiffel da-
rein / seürs / stipps / thü Weinberlin darauff / gibs auff ein
bäwts brot / vnd für ein nacht essen.


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