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Dragonmarsh carries powdered Indigo, and Woad whole roots. and Madder,  
Alkanet, henna, saunders  saffrons and all the clays.  for dying or  cooking.  
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I know  this is a bit off-topic for this list, but I'm not on any dyeing 
lists and I  know some of the folks here are into dyeing. Woad uses the same 
active  ingredient, but I don't know if they are wanting to just limit this 
workshop  to indigo or not. This originally appeared on the Mary Rose 
(Kingdom of  Atlantia) list.


<<< The Smithsonian Associates  is interested in exploring the possibility 
of a 
workshop on the indigo  dyeing process. If you are well versed in the 
and are interested  in teaching, please contact Marybeth Kelley, Program 
Coordinator for  Studio Arts at?kellema at si.edu

This workshop would compliment a program  Smithsonian is putting together 
curators from the National Museum of  African Art, African artist, 
Fofana, who works traditionally  with Indigo, and author, Catherine 
whose new book on ?indigo  will be released this  summer.>>>
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