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Greetings Steffan and all.  
In light of the sad loss (and I still do NOT want to believe she is really gone) 
it seems almost trite to write food stuff, but perhaps it will help with the 

The Rice pudding fritters were a recipe that Lady Ranvaig translated from 
Rumpolt (recipe and all below) and looked interesting to me, I needed a dessert, 
and this was a small enough venue (50-60) I thought it would be managable.  The 
test batch was fantastic hot, but also OK warm and even at room temp - not so 
much when chilled in the fridge.  I don't think Rumpolt wrote recipes for 
leftovers, but I dont see why you could not use leftover rice pudding to make 

For the event I made a large batch of rice pudding (cooked rice in milk, then 
added a little sugar and pinch of salt) and set it to chill in 7 buttered loaf 
pans (figuring each pan would make 10-12 finger thick slices, so each person 
would get at least one slice)  

Sadly, while the test batch had set up firm enough to slice it had also had tiny 
crunchy centers in the rice, so the full batch I added a little more milk and 
cooked a little longer... the rice was tender all the way through, but the 
pudding did NOT set up firm enough to slice... so Lady Hanna fried 'rice 
patties' (like cow patties in shape, only smaller and tasty! :-)  The 
combination of hot and crisp crust and cool and creamy center is very good.

The recipe is a KEEPER! though logistically I dont know how well it would work 
 for a large feast.    My intent at this one had been to fry about half of them 
in advance - in the hour leading up to lunch and keeping them warm in the oven.. 
BUT since there was no stove/oven we punted.  Her 2 fry pans could do about 8 
slices/patties at a time each, and the Caerthens understood that rioting would 
only result in NO dessert, so they were patient, and just waited to snatch the 
next hot fritter AFTER Hannah put them out on the serving table. :-)

And if you were asking about quality on the rest of the feast, I had a bad 
feeling on the kitchen, so planned dishes that would cook in roasters or crock 
pots, and with the addition of the camp stove everything was done as it should 
be, even with the AWOL stove issue.

Yes Brass Bowl is a way to say donation.. often there is a suggested amount, I 
did not give one, I know folks give what they can, and the autocrat seemed both 
surprised and pleased that I not only made all costs back, but a profit to boot. 

Recipe below, transcription and translation by Lady Ranvaig, 
recreation/execution by Gwen Cat  - adjust milk and rice quantities to your own 

Rice Pudding fritters
Zugemüß 172.  Nim~ Reiß/ vnd seudt jn in Milch/ laß jhn gar dick sieden/ saltz 
ab/ vnd rür ein schön weissen Zucker darvnter/ schüt jhn auff ein saubers Bret/ 
vnd thu es fein voneinander/ laß kalt werden/ vnnd zerschneidts stückweiß/ mehls 
wol/ vnd thu es in heisse Butter/ backs fein langsam/ so wirt es resch.  Vnd 
wenn du es anrichtest/ so sträw Zucker darüber/ vnnd gibs warm auff ein Tisch/ 
so ist es auch gut.
172.  Take rice/ and boil it in milk/ let it cook completely thick/ salt it/ and 
stir clean white sugar into it/ pour it on a clean board/ and put it nicely over 
each other/ let become cold/ and cut into pieces/ flour it well/ and put it in 
hot butter/ fry nicely slow/ so it becomes crisp.  And when you serve it/ 
sprinkle sugar over it/ and give warm on a table/ like this it is also good.
1 C white rice
2.25 C milk 
3 T sugar – divided - 1T stirred in, 2T for over the top
Pinch of salt
~.5 cup flour
1 stick of butter for frying
Bring milk to a boil, add your rice, stir and bring back to a boil, then remove 
from heat and let cook in the oven till all the liquid is absorbed – stirring 
every 10 minutes.. Should take 30-45.  Stir in 1T sugar and pinch of salt. Pour 
into a buttered loaf pan and place in the refrigerator to chill and solidify 

Next day turn your pudding out onto a board and cut into .5” thick slices.  
Dredge each slice in flour and pat off the excess. (If it won’t slice make 
patties or piles, they fry too – thanks Hannah)
In a heavy non stick frying pan melt some of the butter and pan fry your slices, 
adding more butter as needed. When both sides are golden browned and crisped 
remove to serving plate and sprinkle with additional sugar. 

In Service and sadness
Gwen CatPS I am typing this directly in yahoo mail, not importing it from 
Word... so why am I still getting ???? in odd places????


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Gwen Cat described 2 recent lunch feasts she cooked.

<<<  Apprentice stayed outside (thankfully the weather was reasonably nice) 
the stove, and another gal had her husband bring their indoor propane burner and
spent over an hour frying the rice pudding fritters.  ALL the rice pudding was
eaten (folks lay in wait looking for the next batch to come out of the pan) >>>

Original recipe and redaction, please? This is just weird enough that it has my 
interest. :-)

Does this actually brown the rice? I'd think you probably wouldn't want that, or 
particularly to burn the rice, but it seems like it would be difficult to avoid. 
I wonder if this was meant to be done with 'leftover' rice pudding, originally?

How did you manage keeping your quality up? Many dishes that have to be cooked 
in small batches seem to be problematic in feast settings. I thought that wafers 
would suffer from this, but folks apparently can cook those ahead of time. Did 
you plan on cooking this in batches? Or did you serve what you had and then had 
such a demand that you started cooking additional batches?  If you planned on 
cooking this in batches from the first, how did you manage it in a reasonable 
amount of time. (ie: before the feasters caused a riot)?

<<< PS the A&S lunch was brass bowl, and we recovered the initial cost and made 
nice profit for the event above that cost. >>>

"brass bowl"? I've not heard that term before. Do you mean by donation? Did you 
have a "suggested" donation?


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