[Sca-cooks] Spanish flatbread in period

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sun Mar 20 12:47:46 PDT 2011

> Can someone point me in the direction of documentation?  I am going to 
> guess
> it is not pita, but more like focaccia or na'an.  The only pics I find are
> modern, as are the recipes.  Can I just go with the Moorish Spain 
> influence?
> Aldyth

There are only a handful of European bread recipes prior to 1600 and I know 
of none from Spain.  The reason for this is fairly simple, bakers were 
distinct from cooks and bakers did not write down their recipes, preferring 
to keep their "mysteries" to themselves.

The Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook does have a number of bread recipes, but 
the style of baking is different.  I think the closest recipe to what you 
want may be muqawwara, but it is a fried bread rather than a baked bread.


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