[Sca-cooks] Interesting discovery...

salbert morgana at gci.net
Sat Mar 26 14:49:03 PDT 2011

On 3/26/11 8:47 AM, Saint Phlip wrote:
> And, speaking of cheeses, I've been experimenting with grilled cheese
> sandwiches a bit, trying to improve the flavor. The classic, American
> cheese on white bread is just so bland, but using straight cheddar
> cheese means the cheese breaks down into basically oil and cheese
> grit. Today's experiment was buttering the (multi grain) bread, laying
> it in the pan, laying thin slices of a good cheddar, to just cover the
> bread, then laying thin slices of Velveeta, same way, covering the
> cheese with another slice of bread (buttered side up), frying until
> brown, then flipping with a spatula.
> It came out very tasty- it had the lovely flavor of the sharp cheddar,
> but the texture of the melted Velveeta (a bit of the texture of the
> cheddar and the flavor of the Velveeta as well, but not annoyingly so)
> and the strength of the multi grain bread to balance it all.
I usually make mine with two kinds of cheeses, a cheddar base (sometimes 
cojack) and a white cheese (swiss or mozzarella), with mustard. I 
alternate between comfort mustard (French's yellow) and the tasty Jack 
Daniel's dijon type. And on a tasty dill rye bread, lovely. Hmmm, I know 
what I'm having for lunch (G).

Morgana yr Oerfa

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