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Sat Mar 26 22:21:36 PDT 2011

On occasion my grilled cheese is Monterey Jack, cheddar, queso quesadilla,
and Asadero cheese blend, seasoned with garlic granular on white. (whole
wheat doesn't always agree with me) This is served with spicy tomato soup or


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And, speaking of cheeses, I've been experimenting with grilled cheese
sandwiches a bit, trying to improve the flavor. The classic, American
cheese on white bread is just so bland, but using straight cheddar
cheese means the cheese breaks down into basically oil and cheese
grit. Today's experiment was buttering the (multi grain) bread, laying
it in the pan, laying thin slices of a good cheddar, to just cover the
bread, then laying thin slices of Velveeta, same way, covering the
cheese with another slice of bread (buttered side up), frying until
brown, then flipping with a spatula.

It came out very tasty- it had the lovely flavor of the sharp cheddar,
but the texture of the melted Velveeta (a bit of the texture of the
cheddar and the flavor of the Velveeta as well, but not annoyingly so)
and the strength of the multi grain bread to balance it all.

Was thinking of doing some tomato soup next time, but then rethought.
I wonder how a nice spicy gazpacho would go with it?

Saint Phlip

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