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Greetings Theodora

Best of luck.  I have done a couple of 'limited resources' feasts.  One was just 
this month - look in the archives for '2 feast lunches in 2 weekends'  And the 
12th night I did about 2 years back had a simple home stove with one oven and 2 
microwaves (but dont use them at the same time ;-)  Thankfully it had a large 
area for prep in the kitchen, and a patio out back for the propane burner.  For 
that matter the Crown Tourney feast about 18 months back also had a home stove 
and a small kitchen.  I would suggest setting up 2 tables for prep just outside 
the kitchen that lets your helpers SIT too.

I can advocate roasters - but bring a power strip for EACH ONE and dont put more 
than one on any outlet, if they cycle together they can easily blow a circuit. 
Also camp stoves (the big free standing type) and 'turkey fryer' burners are 
fantastic if you have an outdoor space to use them.  Planning cold/room temp 
items will help too.

I dont seem to have webbed the crown tourney recipes from September 09 (at least 
I think that was the year) but I have PDFs for the last two feasts and can look 
for the other one if it would be helpful.

Knowing the limitations in advance you can plan for them (see note about 
"surprise, the stove is GONE " ;-)

Gwen Cat


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I will be serving feast for  72 in a few months. The kitchen has one 
domestic stove - four burners and one oven, it is also small- about 
10x10 feet. Suggestions are welcome on how to work with these 
limitations, esp what period recipes/foods can be cooked prior to the 
event and transported easily.  It will be the beginning of summer here. 
This will be my first feast.


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