[Sca-cooks] Molding Gingerbread

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I've always pressed the mixture into a cake pan and I don't remember having any trouble removing it.  As to temp, since I expect you would be using your fingers to fill the molds, do so as soon as it is cool enough to work with.  FYI, my mixture isn't as oozy-gooey as some I've seen and I would expect that the less so would be better for your purpose.
Good luck,
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> Greetings, all!
> For an upcoming project I'm considering making gingerbread - Medieval style, not modern cake or cookie style - and was wondering if it could be molded into shapes using modern candy and/or cookie molds?
> If so, what are the recommendations from those who have experience?  Should I grease the mold to keep it from sticking?  Will water work to prevent sticking?  How cool should the mixture be before I try forming it?
> Thanks!
> Helena
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