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Thu Oct 6 13:04:13 PDT 2011

> This one also came up for me but not in the other search
> http://dla.library.upenn.edu/dla/medren/pageturn.html?fq=collection_facet%3A%22Medieval%20%26%20Renaissance%20Manuscripts%22%20AND%20century_facet%3A%2216th%20century%22%20AND%20facsimile_facet%3A%22Yes%22%20AND%20language_facet%3A%22English%22&id=MEDREN_5017377&
> As did this one
> http://dla.library.upenn.edu/dla/medren/detail.html?id=MEDREN_2976654
> Eduardo

Thank you Eduardo for entertaining me while I am home with the plague :)

RE: MS1601 - I've been trying to collect 16th century pastry crust
recipes, and in the early section of the manuscript the recipe on 14r uses
flour and butter.  16r had a recipe for puff pastry as a bonus.  The other
items that were of most interst to me were the turkey on 18r, and a tart
of green peas on 37r.

Was someone looking for rose hip recipes a while ago?  40r features a rose
hip tart.

It just takes a singular look at a period manuscript to realize that even
though I am quite fluent in modern English I would be lost and out of
place in Elizabethan England.  Soooo much to learn!  I think I'm going to
go back now and try to understand the milk recipes.

(oh, and there are German manuscripts!)

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