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I had been toying with the idea of tying the archaeological works done on
Lake Paladru's 11th century site, which includes food stuffs and kitchen
tools with the existing French and German vernacular literature of the
11th and 12th century.

I've been plugging away at the Chansons de Geste and am slowed down a bit
because of the typing in both English and the original source language. 
While I was at it I am also copying down textile and clothing references. 
Hopefully I will put this all into an access database so I can search it. 
the story of Aliscans is pretty interesting because one of the characters
Rainouart is from the kitchen.  He's sort of a comic character, and really
likes to eat and there have been some interesting references such as
rissoles, and this:

"Rainoart is all alone in the kitchen where he finds a lot of cranes and
mallards, venison, fish, salmon and seabass.  He takes some of the fattest
to eat and drinks a whole vatful of the sauce.  He takes the neck of a
swan that is stuffed with eggs and pepper, with fish and meat.    He picks
up his club, under his right arm, and comes out of the kitchen with a
quick step, licking himself like a cat, for the sauce."

But I think it might be best to continue development for the 2013 of this
theme and perhaps look at a German 'goodie' class covering lebkuchen,
waffles, rosettes and the like.  Rontzier's ravioli recipes, recently
revealed, really require redaction (snrk).


> Or something on those AMAZING German Stuffed and Deep Fried Waffles!
> Eduardo
> On Oct 7, 2011, at 8:28 AM, Donna Green wrote:
>> Katherine,
>> Do you want to do a class and tasting on dumplings and puff paste at the
>> Culinary Symposium in February? We'll have plenty of tasters for you
>> there :-)
>> Juana Isabella
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>> I think Eduardo is right and experimentation is warranted! I'll bet I
>> could get some volunteer tasters.
>> Katherine
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