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Glenn Adrian gadrian at clear.net.nz
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My bad.

O.K. Assuming you have only two quinces and no juicer/crush/press/etc. then
I would still place it in a bowl, and then find something to mash it with,
then to press it with.  Then I would strain it.  Cut up fine and mortar and
pestle?  (Or kava bowl!)  A flat piece of wood/metal with a handle nailed
onto the middle of it.  Anything sufficiently hard, and either heavy enough
or able to easily apply enough force with to press, that is hygienic, and
fits in the bowl/dish.  Cut up and use a mincer, then press the mince?  I'm
sure the ways you can try when missing the right tools are endless.

Unless you think you are going to do enough pressing to buy or make
something.  Then I can suggest other ideas.


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Anyone got any thoughts on how to make quince juice from scratch?  I have a
recipe from al-Warraq that calls for "freshly pressed" quince juice.  I
picked up a couple of fresh quinces, but I'm not sure how to proceed.

-- Galefridus
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