[Sca-cooks] Quince juice

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Wed Oct 12 04:22:21 PDT 2011

--- Glenn Adrian <gadrian at clear.net.nz> schrieb am Mi, 12.10.2011:

> O.K. Assuming you have only two quinces and no
> juicer/crush/press/etc. then
> I would still place it in a bowl, and then find something
> to mash it with,
> then to press it with.  Then I would strain it. 
> Cut up fine and mortar and
> pestle?  (Or kava bowl!)  A flat piece of
> wood/metal with a handle nailed
> onto the middle of it.  Anything sufficiently hard,
> and either heavy enough
> or able to easily apply enough force with to press, that is
> hygienic, and
> fits in the bowl/dish.  Cut up and use a mincer, then
> press the mince?  I'm
> sure the ways you can try when missing the right tools are
> endless.

One thing you could try is squeezing through a cloth. Cut up the quinces (you'll need a substantial knife), grind up the pieces, and then roll the mash up in a sturdy teatowel and twist HARD. 

I usually make the juice fopr quince jelly with a steel screw press (you probably don't want to pay over 100 dollars for just one go, though). And even then. I usually boil the quinces beforehand. I've never handled tougher fruit than quinces, though I suppose they must exist.


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