[Sca-cooks] cannellini beans

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Wed Oct 12 22:32:12 PDT 2011

A little funny story:

The first time I brought home fresh favas, hubby was interested in what
they were as he is fond of veggies.  Since he is of Adriatic area descent,
and there seems to be some genetic link connected, I did a little research
on his ethnic population and the percentage of favism, which turned out to
be about 5% of the population.  I gave him the facts as I had found them,
and he opted for not eating them.  Subsequently in my house they have
taken on the name "murder beans" (said with a bwahahaha and a smile).  I
like them just fine for the two of us.

>>I've heard of favism before, but this is the first I've heard of it
>>being connected with undercooked favas or as a protection against
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucose-6-phosphate_dehydrogenase_deficiency
> The connection between favism and malaria.  Nothing about undercooked
> favas, that I see.
> Ranvaig
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