[Sca-cooks] Non-Period Food for Non-Vigil

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Mon Oct 24 13:01:42 PDT 2011

"otsisto" <otsisto at socket.net> wrote:
> Though sake is common, she might want to consider some plum wine. About 15
> years ago I had considered a Japanese persona. I vaguely remember coming
> across a ceremony of someone elevating into a high ranking position. There
> was something akin to a vigil. It was a time of preparation of mind, body
> and spirit. I gleaned through it and pretty much forgot most of it cause I
> changed my mind. So I am not 100% sure of the details but I think there was
> a ritual bath and something about the clothing and specific colors. That
> this was not for a military elevation of rank.

She's making her whole multi-layered multi-color outfit in colors appropriate for her rank and the season. I've offered to lend a hand with the hand sewing, since it's mostly running stitch.

> If she can find them, she could serve as a novalty Umeboshi or
> Umezuke/pickled plums or apricots.

Umeboshi are a cinch to find around here. And she came up with the idea for umeshu snow cones :-) We just gotta find a cheap but functional shave ice machine :-(

I've got onigiri (cold cooked rice balls or pyramids) on my food list, and i may put umeboshi in some. She's served them before at her sake gatherings, but not everyone is fond of them. I'm a fan - salty & sour, good - so i won't put umaboshi in all of them. I'm also thinking of making some pink onigiri, cooking azuki beans with the rice to get the color.

Also, i'm going to look for ways to use chestnut and matcha kanten - very seasonally appropriate.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)

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