[Sca-cooks] Non-Period Food for Non-Vigil

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Mon Oct 24 20:53:03 PDT 2011

This late in the season may prove a challenge for the machine. Wal-Mart
might have it on their clearance aisle. Walgreen's (if you have one)
sometimes carry year round.

I once had some fried balls that I can't remember if it is Indonesian or
Japanese. It is sweetened bean paste, covered in dough of rice flour and
rolled in sesame seeds and fried and can be served warm or cold. There was 3
sauces for dipping them in besides the chocolate. :) Plum was one of the
sauces but can't remember the other two.

Chestnuts are fall, I have heard of something called kurigohan, not sure
what that is other than chestnuts.


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Umeboshi are a cinch to find around here. And she came up with the idea for
umeshu snow cones :-) We just gotta find a cheap but functional shave ice
machine :-(

I've got onigiri (cold cooked rice balls or pyramids) on my food list, and i
may put umeboshi in some. She's served them before at her sake gatherings,
but not everyone is fond of them. I'm a fan - salty & sour, good - so i
won't put umaboshi in all of them. I'm also thinking of making some pink
onigiri, cooking azuki beans with the rice to get the color.

Also, i'm going to look for ways to use chestnut and matcha kanten - very
seasonally appropriate.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)

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