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are blood oranges sour enough?


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> We made Naranjiya, from al-Baghdadi, recently, using seville oranges from
> our little tree, which produced its first significant crop this
> year--enough, I think, for about two recipes of naranjiya. It's not bad,
> although I like Mishmishiya, the apricot equivalent from the same source,
> better.
> Naranjiya
> al-Bagdadi p. 40
> Cut fat meat in middling pieces and leave in the saucepan, covered with
> water, to boil: when boiling, remove the scum. Add salt to taste. Cut up
> onions and leeks, washing in salt and water: scrape carrots, cut into
> strips four fingers long, and throw into the pot. Add cummin, dry
> coriander, cinnamon-bark, pepper, ginger and mastic, ground fine, with a
> few sprigs of mint. Mince red meat well with seasonings, and make into
> middle-sized cabobs. Take oranges, peel, remove the white pulp, and
> squeeze: let one person peel, and another do the squeezing. Strain through
> a sieve, and pour into the saucepan. Take cardamom-seeds that have been
> steeped in hot water an hour: wash, and grind fine in a stone mortar, or a
> copper one if stone is not procurable. Extract the juice by hand, strain,
> and throw into the pot. Rub over the pan a quantity of dry mint. Wipe the
> sides with a clean rag, and leave over the fire to settle: then remove.
> [end of original recipe, beginning of how we do it, from the Miscellany]
> 5 seeds cardamom    1/16 t mastic
> 1 lb lamb         1 large sprig fresh mint
> 2 c water         3 oranges (¾ c juice)
> ½ t salt          1 lb lamb for meatballs
> ⅝ lb onion       seasonings for meatballs:
> ⅝ lb leeks          1 clove garlic (  oz)
> ¾ lb carrots        ¼ t pepper
> ¼ t cumin         ¼ t coriander
> ½ t coriander       ¼ t cumin
> ½ t cinnamon      1 t murri (see p. 5)
> ⅛ t pepper         ½ t salt
> ¼ t ginger        ½ T dry mint
> Put cardamom seeds to soak in hot water. Cut up meat and bring to a boil
> in water with salt; turn down and simmer, covered. Cut up onions and leeks
> and add; cut carrots into 2.5" pieces and cut lengthwise into strips and
> add, by which time the meat has been going about 20 minutes. Add spices and
> mint. Juice oranges, add juice to pot; simmer uncovered. Make meatballs by
> buzzing lamb in food processor with seasonings and squeezing into balls;
> add to pot. Take cardamom seeds out of water, grind in mortar, and add
> juice to pot. Let simmer a while more, about 1 hour 15 minutes from the
> beginning, sprinkle dry mint over the dish, and serve.
> The oranges should be sour oranges, but you may not be able to find any.
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