[Sca-cooks] A 16th century French resource to share

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Wed Apr 4 23:30:43 PDT 2012


I won't bore you with my short attention span theater story of how I went
from Norman England to this post, but I just found this article that is a
transcription of the expenses of the Baroness of Mauny in December 1552. 
In this case it does outline food purchases with a fair amount of detail
along with other household expenses, including those for feeding the pack
of small dogs she must have kept and the cover for her parrot cage.  From
the amount of food it seems a sizable household with dozens of loaves of
bread purchased daily.

This is found in Me'langes, 4e se'rie and is on books.google.fr here:


The article starts on page 111 and goes to page 184.  The journal
transcription starts on page 121.  I was hoping someone might find it
useful for their research.

who wants to know if anyone else is working on 11th-12th century European

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