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well, it is not specifically rotten, but...
there is a section in Irish Brehon law that states (and I paraphrase) never serve a guest food upon which a mouse or weasel has slept.   this seems to be hard food, since it is followed by instructions on how to scoop the area out of porridge well enough so the remainder can be served.  
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Hej Hej
I am on a Crusade to eradicate the horrid myth that prior to refrigeration ancient man/woman ate rotten meat in the middle school and high school curriculum.
So, maybe all school districts within the nation and world maybe a bit too ambitious so I will start in the mundane schools I teach and mentor within.
Here are my questions:
1.What are the oldest laws regarding rotten food being served. I started with the Kosher laws. Are there more? Any written down and documented? 
2. Any etiquette,cookbooks, or medical books that clearly state "Do not use rotten food."
3. Curing/ Preservation methods especially for meat. There is a myth that Medieval English hung out meat to rot before serving. I believe they misunderstood this as part of a curing/aging technique.
My goals is to provide samples of meals from Biblical Times through the Renaissance, including Islamic and Asian cuisine.

I invite all input and suggestions.
I am taking this very personally, because this "feast" will be directed at future and present teachers.

Bless Bless
Aelina Vester-lunder

P.S. Has an Anachronist been written about this topic? 

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