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Tue Apr 10 19:19:08 PDT 2012

Ailleagan asked for:
<<< I am working on a project involving medieval beef jerky.  I found an
excellent recipe for "Dried Beef" in "Soup for the Qan" and have already
redacted it.  There is also a recipe for smoked meat in the 1616 Dutch  
but it only directs that the meat be smoked with beech wood.  Now I'm
looking for other sources.  I'm trying to chase down descriptions of
pastirma and tassal, but I haven't had much luck. >>>

I have some info in the Florilegium on how to dry meat and other  
items, but very little on specific period recipes.

What sort of project is this for?

I would love to add an article to the Florilegium giving specific  
period references and recipes to dried meats and dried meat dishes.

I have a bunch more info on smoking and smoked meats but those aren't  
necessarily dried.

I do have this dried meat recipe, that some might be interested in,  
but it is definitely modern if SCA.
Calontr-Jerky-art  (6K) 11/15/08  "Sex Red Wine Jerky - the Calontir  
                                      Standard" by Bns. Jenna of  


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