[Sca-cooks] Arundel 344 ham/pork with gold bars

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I've read through this thread twice and I'm still confused, so I will risk
sounding like an idiot and just ask.

I'm unsure which of these numbers are dates and which are manuscript
numbers. So does that mean this is a pre-1600 manuscript? Or partly
pre-1600, from the mid-14th century reign of Edward III to 1702? Or are the
recipes from 14th-17th centuries, but the manuscript was published in 1790?


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Sorry to be late with these details.
It is Arundel 334 and it's now at the British Library.

To start with, the text was published twice in the late 18th century and
misidentified as Arundel 334 in both cases.
A Collection of ordinances and regulations for the government of the royal
  household, made in divers reigns from King Edward III to King William and
Queen Mary. also receipts in ancient cookery.
Edited by John Nichols. London: 1790
I had the opportunity back in the mid 1980s to purchase this on microfilm,
so I actually have a reel with the film.
It's now up at Google Books.

The Arundel manuscript starts at page 413.
The Rev. Richard Warner then included the same manuscript in Warner,  
Richard.  Antiquitates Culinariae Or Curious Tracts Relating to the   
Culinary Affairs of the Old English. London, 1791. Limited edition facsimile
by Prospect Books of London, 1981. (And I own that facsimile.)

Doc includes the Google Books information for that volume below.

We might be able to download and compare both versions fairly easily these
days since they are both up on Google Books.

As for modern editions, Terry Nutter intended to always do something with
it. Hieatt and I discussed it but put off the project because there's
someone else working on a new edition.
I just found that listed as: "BORDES Julie, Les recettes culinaires
conservées dans le MS Arundel 334." En préparation à Poitiers, dans le cadre
de Lettres, pensées, arts et histoire « civilisation et littérature de
l’antiquité à nos jours. So we may get a French edition one of these days!

Hope this helps


On Apr 13, 2012, at 5:18 PM, Daniel Myers wrote:
> The recipe is on page 80 of Antiquitates culinariae (Warner) 
> http://books.google.com/books?id=ycw-AAAAcAAJ&pg=PA80&ci=210%2C742%2C6
> 48%2C117&source=bookclip
> In that copy, it does indeed say "(stuff)", and "(lafle)" is 
> "(baste)".
> The index on my website contains the errors.  I believe I built the 
> index based upon the text provided by Google (I don't remember), in 
> which case the error likely crept in during the PDF to text 
> conversion.
> That's something I'll need to correct in the index.
> - Doc
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