[Sca-cooks] ham/pork with gold bars

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Apr 15 21:48:41 PDT 2012

Ranvaig replied to me with:
> Okay, so working through all the messages, the end result is a
> recipe of a roasted, endored pig laying on a sheet of gold foil and
> one of silver foil, right?

The gold and silver foil were on top of the pig.  Could this mean bar
as a heraldry term?

Why do you say the gold and silver is on top of the pig, rather than  
under it?
Again, the original:
>> Pygge in barre. Take a pigge and farse (fluff) hym, and roste hym,
>> and in the rostynge endorse (lafle) hym; and when he is rosted lay
>> orethwart him over one barre of silver foile, and another of golde,
>> and serve hym forthe so al hole to the borde for a lorde.

"lay orethwart him over" What is "orethwart"? But I was seeing "him  
(the pig) over one barre of silver foil" as over the foil. Why do you  
see the foil being over the pig?

I was assuming this was an endored (colored) pig over foil. Maybe the  
foil is the endoring? as in gold foil/embossing?  But you don't endore  
with a bar of silver or gold, either.


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