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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Apr 25 22:14:31 PDT 2012

<<< There are recipes in De Honesta (the first five books not the last  
that are Martino) that uses parsnips or carrots. Very good recipes -  
one par-boiled rolled in "meal" and deep fried the other stewed with  
lettuce a spices. You could check out the journal article in PPC.
Eduardo  >>>

Oooh. Sounds unusual/interesting. Please post these recipes.

I think the Florilegium info on parsnips is in this file:
root-veg-msg     (111K)  6/12/10  Medieval and period root vegetables.

Or some could be mixed in here:
turnips-msg       (61K) 10/ 6/10  Turnips in period. Recipes.


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