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I have considered grains, actually, and at least as far as breads go I'm buying or baking specialty breads to get at least closer to period. There are some small bakeries here who use old recipes and locally grown specialty wheat and other grains.

I'm also looking at the possibility of getting "rare breeds" meat for the feast, while I have it available. I found a company who generally only sells to restaurants/caterers, but were willing to sell to me in the past as I ordered a sufficient quantity. 

I'm going to work the math for this feast much more than usual, so I can get the higher quality ingredients where possible. I have a tendency to over-buy, and can't afford to do that with specialty ingredients.

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Tre said:
<<< Hmm...thanks. I may rethink the purple carrots then, and just use parsnips instead, as part of my research is showing that carrots and parsnips were almost interchangeable for a while, since they were very similar. I'll do further research first, though, as I keep finding conflicting information. (Currently I'm looking up information specifically on the history of carrots.) >>>

carrots-msg       (61K)  6/12/10  Medieval and period carrots. Colors.

In there is also the link to the "carrot museum" in Europe. After I had some email discussion with him and we discussed the subject some on this list, I think the proprietor/curator was going to be digging through the resources in the above file. :-) But he already had a lot of info I hadn't seen before. I don't have the link readily available, though.

You didn't mention grains, but those have changed as well.
Ancent-Grains-art (24K)  5/30/01  "Looking into Ancient Grains" by Mistress
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Sheep have also changed since Norse and Anglo-Saxon times, but that may mostly be in their wool, not in their meat. But I do have some articles on period sheep breeds and have a few more to add.


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