[Sca-cooks] To cat or not to cat

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I was served whale at an event in Klakaverki (Iceland). It tasted a bit odd, but I'm glad I got the chance to try it. 

Apparently, the year before, they had served horse and a few people (visitors) were appalled. It was gently explained to the cook after that that if she was serving meats that were outside the norm, it would go over much better if they were brought out separately, clearly explained as to what they were, and people were given the option. When she served the whale, it was brought out on it's own platter and walked around the table being offered to everyone, making sure that people knew what they were eating.

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I've heard of squirrel (West Virginia and Kentucky) and Possum Pie
(somewhere in the South) being consumed.....that's part of what made this
confusing.  Grew up in Alaska, where they eat walrus and whale in some

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