[Sca-cooks] To cat or not to cat

Robin Vinehall rvinehall at silverspiral.us
Wed Aug 8 16:53:52 PDT 2012

I've served eel at Japanese themed dinners.  It is available in Asian 
markets here in Denver under the name of unagi.  It comes pre-cooked 
in sauce and just needs to be warmed up.  It is very rich; you don't 
want to eat much at a time.  I think I remember eating stewed eel at 
an SCA feast a very long time ago.  Liked it, but did not get seconds.

Robin Vinehall

At 8/2/2012 10:45 PM   Thursday, you wrote:
>On 8/3/2012 12:20 AM, Dama Antonia wrote:
>>I'm always confused by the negative reactions people outside NZ 
>>seem to have to the suggestion of eel (usually considered a treat 
>>here) and game in general.
>I have had eel, and really do not like the flavor or texture 
>[japanese smoked eel in a sushi place] but I adore duck, goose, 
>pheasant, quail, venison - some of my best hunting trips were to 
>Nilo Farms [a game preserve run by Olin Chemicals] for the game 
>birds. We tend to try and do duck and goose every couple months.


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