[Sca-cooks] To cat or not to cat

Dama Antonia dama.antonia at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 19:11:49 PDT 2012

On 9/08/2012 11:53 a.m., Robin Vinehall wrote:
> I've served eel at Japanese themed dinners.  It is available in Asian 
> markets here in Denver under the name of unagi.  It comes pre-cooked 
> in sauce and just needs to be warmed up.  It is very rich; you don't 
> want to eat much at a time.  I think I remember eating stewed eel at 
> an SCA feast a very long time ago.  Liked it, but did not get seconds.

Definitely true-- it's at least as fatty and meaty as salmon, so very 
satisfying eating.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo
Dulce et decorum est pro patria pavlovam coxi.

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