[Sca-cooks] Spirit of the Earth by Beverly Cox

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Sat Aug 11 00:32:50 PDT 2012

When I saw "Beverly Cox" I thought I recognized the name and then I
remembered, I have her Spirit of the Harvest cookbook and I used to get
Native People Magazine were she was food editor (most recipes were from her
book) Though she does her research she really isn't into the historical
recipes per say, more like traditional recipes that translate well to
current taste buds. She is a Graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu. Sadly, I know
of some folk that when the Spirit of the Harvest came out thought that it
was pre Columbus cuisine, I was mean and burst their bubble letting them
know that it was post Columbus and unknown how far post C.


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Just in case there are any others out there doing research on pre-Columbian
New World cuisine, do not bother reading Spirit of the Earth: Native Cooking
from Latin America by Beverly Cox (ISBN 1584790245). The author gives much
lip service to Sophie Coe and then spits on her research by including Old
World ingredients in EVERY SINGLE RECIPE. This book should not even be used
as a tertiary source in artsci projects, it's too misleading. I'm working on
a pre-contact Mayan feast for November and I had such high hopes when I
found this book, only to have them dashed. I am just disgusted.



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