[Sca-cooks] Spirit of the Earth by Beverly Cox

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Sat Aug 11 13:37:08 PDT 2012

Can't tell if this is sarcasm. Pre- Colombus generally refers to the
Americas unless otherwise specified to be different. Pre Colombus in the
Americas you probably won't find recipes, though I do recall some
texts/manuscripts in Mayan that had some sort of recipes but i think it is
medical. You pretty much have through archeology the regional veggies and
critters with type of cooking. Then a comparison of current home cuisine and
cooking traditions, influence(Spanish -Central and South Amer. and
Spanish,French, Dutch, and English for N.Amer.) and what is found through
archeology which gets you a possible basis for an very old recipe. It isn't
very exact.

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Pre-Columbus cuisine!  Now with extra potatoes!

Wait, did you mean European Pre-Columbus, or Americas Pre-Columbus?
And for American, what would you quote as a source?  Mayan engravings?

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