[Sca-cooks] medieval/renaissance architectural construction crews & related food references

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Aug 14 06:32:33 PDT 2012

A quick search on JSTOR for diet medieval construction workers is 1635 hits which is not too large. Adding Europe reduces
the number to 1404. Can your library provide access to JSTOR?

Diet is probably what you should be using as the entry point. Also narrowing the search fields to a specific craft or guild would help.
Or try under the term artisans perhaps.

Diet medieval masons Europe is 346
Diet medieval stone mason Europe is only 24 hits.

Articles Plus is 1778 hits but that includes books.

I did not search dissertations but that would another place to start and rule out.

Have to run… well not run … family calls…


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