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Odriana asked:
<<< About three weeks ago I was asked to contribute some information about food
that could be/might have been served in the consort's gallery during a
Tournament.  I've done some research and attended Magistra Rosemounde of
Mercia's ?Food at the Tournament? class at Pennsic and wanted to see what
information the hive mind had to share on this topic. >>>

If you collect sufficient info through your request and/or research and are interested in writing up an article, I would love to have such a thing for the Florilegium.

I could imagine everything from that localities "street food" to more elaborate fair? I assume you are talking about some of the later, more formalized tournaments? These two possibilities do indicate how much variety you might find, both regionally and temporally.

Did either Chaucer or Shakespeare write about tournaments?
fd-in-Chaucer-msg (12K) 12/22/08 Mentions of food in Chaucer's writings.

fd-n-Shkspear-msg (10K) 12/23/08 Mentions of food in Shakespeare's works.

Likely more SCA than medieval:
Tourny-Basket-art (20K) 11/24/01 "Filling the Tourney Basket"
by Lady Caointiarn.

For if you find references to quick snack foods or "dainties" being served?
14C-Fingerfds-art (10K) 10/14/01 "English - 14th Century Fingerfoods"
by THL Kateryn de Develyn.


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