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This discussion has intrigued me with what other Kingdoms require and concepts of what entering A&S entails.  In the Middle Kingdom we compete against the criteria not another enter (expectations are Divisional & Pent. Entries). The expectation is if I pick up your documentation can I understand how you did it, why you did it, are your documents written to cover all the aspects of the criteria for the division you are entering.  So an everyday item say an apron can compete against an Elizabethan item and still possibly get a first place because it is being judged against the criteria not another item in the same division.  And for what it is worth the entry is there if I need additional information since face to face is the primary form of judging here now.

Abbess Waldetrudis von Metten OW, OE, OL

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I have rarely entered A&S contests and find that it's the pretty rather than the workaday that gets the nods - and later-period stuff, because it's easier to document, has a better chance of winning.

But I enter A&S events not expecting to win - it's a way to share my research in real life, get pointers on how to improve a process/method, and find tips on sources I might not have known about otherwise.

For my own research satisfaction, I started a blog:


I can load resources (images, PDFs of documents) on there and if I need to do a paper, I can quickly pull it together.

Incidentally, I find more satisfaction in teaching, especially more physical stuff such as music and dance.

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