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Tre said:
<<< I'm still very wary of entering any competitions. By the time I make something (food/garb/etc.) I have usually researched through several sources, read and absorbed the information, and then go for it. I couldn't tell you where I got what information, and which sources I decided not to use for whatever reason. Writing a paper on it would take away the enjoyment of the activity. (Not to mention that I've often been told that judges don't really have time to read a paper, so why bother?) >>>

Writing a paper on it would take away the enjoyment of the activity?

I'm sorry to hear this. I understand that judges, much less the populace has a hard time finding the time at events to read such papers. On the other hand, I would love to have such papers to publish in the Florilegium. It is likely that more than a few other people across the Known World would be interested in reading about what you have found out.

I wish more people would send me copies of the papers they've written for A&S contests or the documentation.  I am always willing to replace such documentation with an article in the future if you wish.  Or to update a paper as you learn more. Even if it isn't perfect, folks can still learn from what you've already done.

I'm behind a little bit here. My wife, Her Ladyship Alina Mitchell, was involved in a serious auto accident Monday morning and is currently in the hospital with a broken L12 vertebrate and several broken ribs with surgery scheduled for Thursday morning. Healing thoughts, prayers etc. appreciated.
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