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No, I'm not saying the Europeans didn't drink water but the records tend to show that it was under specific conditions, and not what you had readily available in town or even on the manor. It certainly doesn't appear to be something you would serve at a feast. At least the Middle Eastern Royalty seem to have a different viewpoint.  Just as with the snow carried down from the mountains, perhaps these Royalty had access to cleaner water than their subjects did.

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Saved in part, to counter the common blanket statement that "Medieval folks didn't drink water.".


Water, Chilled and Cooled by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis ..

Revised version appearing Spring 2012 issue of The Citadel


On Aug 29, 2012, at 10:18 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Does this imply that they considered the water safe to drink? Or is this like mixing water in with wine, where the alcohol gives some protection? But then we do have the other sekanjaban type drinks from the middle east that use water without boiling it.
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