[Sca-cooks] Christmas Pudding Myth, Fact, Whatever

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Fri Aug 31 17:03:44 PDT 2012

>I feel that this week-end I should do something with these leftover 
>chestnuts and other dried fruits because of the week's entries. Then 
>if anyone is interested in me publishing their recipe, I would love 
>to do so giving credits if and when.

My usual contribution from Rumpolt is probably less useful to your 
Spanish blog:

menu entries for Roasted Chestnuts (but no directions)
Goat stuffed with small birds/ raisins/ apples/ pears/ chestnuts/ and dates.
Pelican stuffed with quince/ pears/ chestnuts/ onions/ and black raisins.
Goose stuffed with small birds/ onions/ apples/ pears and chestnuts.

Chestnut soup - ground in a mortar, strained with warm water, cooked 
with sugar, then add a little rosewater.
Roasted chestnuts shelled and sprinkled with rosewater and sugar.
Roasted chestnuts shelled and put in a tart with beef marrow, served warm.

That quince and chestnut stuffing sounds very interesting to me.

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