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<<< Since it appears that beans as a cheap option are out (unless I  
can get a
ride to Yoke's), anyone have any ideas of something authentic, popular,
filling and cheap to bring to a Medieval feast?  I"m trying to avoid the
standard "bachelor" options, and bring something nice.
Ian of Oertha >>>

Why are beans out? Difficulty of getting to specialty store to get  
supplies? Or something else? While most cultivated European beans were  
wiped out by the introduction of New World beans, there are several  
varieties that survived, including several common ones besides fava.

What are your restrictions? No cooking? You need easily available  
ingredients? Easy to cook foods? With some more details I, and others,  
can probably be of more help. However, here are a few possibilites  
that come to mind.

In the Florilegium:
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                                      cooks or for cooks new to period  

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"something authentic, popular, filling and cheap". Have a crock-pot?  
Make cheese-goo, buy some bread at the store, perhaps toast it if you  
can. Not the cheapest, with the butter and brie cheese, but cheaper  
than a meat dish. And seems to be popular everywhere. You can even  
make it directly in the crockpot (I have), but it takes about 30  
minutes to an hour to warm up and mix complete. And *keep stirring*.  
It eventually turns from blobs and chunks into a smooth sauce. If you  
can pre-warm/mix it on a stove, it will go faster.
cheese-goo-msg (44K) 10/31/06 Digby's Savory Tosted cheese. melted  

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Easy to make, well accepted, but questionably period:
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Got a good grocery near you with more than the usual greens? Easy to  
make. A dressing of oil and vinegar is easy to make and period. Just  
avoid the Iceberg lettuce (shudder).
salads-msg (188K) 1/ 9/11 Period salads. lettuce, greens.

It's not summer, but these days you can get a lot of things out of  
Summer-Salad-art  (17K) 11/28/00  "A Summer Salad" by Lady Jehanne de  

Like Eggs? Can you hard-boil an egg?
eggs-stuffed-msg  (40K)  1/20/08  Period stuffed eggs dishes. Recipes.

Okay, I'll stop.


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