[Sca-cooks] Old World beans (was: soooooo...)

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri Feb 3 14:42:49 PST 2012

>From Leonard Fuchs Herbal of 1545:

White Horse Bean (Lupinus albus, white lupine) used in the Mediterranean 
world and still cultivated in Georgia (US) until recently.
Common Bean  (Vicia faba, Faba vulgaris, fava bean, horse bean)
Large (or great) Pea  (Pisum sativa, Pismum maius) looks to be a garden pea

French (or foreign) Bean AKA Wild Bean (Smilax hortensis, possibly the Old 
World phaseolus or the New World Phaseolus vulgaris)  what Fuchs says about 
it can be found here: 

The image can be found here: 

And for fun, here is the Phaseolus entry from William turner's New Herball: 


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