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At Thu, 2 Feb 2012 20:47:48 -0800 (PST), Tre wrote:
>Two suggestions on things to bring, but you'd have to decide how filling they are - Apple and Onion Salad, or Barley Pilaf. The Barley Pilaf was VERY popular at a feast I cooked, and I've served the Apple and Onion salad to mundanes as well as Scadians and it was well recieved both places.
>Apple and Onion Salad
>Take sweet apples (I used Pink Ladies) and cut them into small chunks in a bowl. Cut some onion (I used red onions, both for flavor and color) into small chunks and mix with the apple. Toss with a small amount of red wine vinegar and olive oil. Salt and Pepper to taste. 
>Barley Pilaf
>(from "Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England)

The fact that a recipe is in _Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England_ is no evidence at all that it's period.The recipes are modern recipes with Anglo-Saxon names.

For details, see my review of the book at:



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