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While the book itself may not be entirely period and put together from suspect sources, that doesn't mean the recipe itself isn't valid for use at an SCA feast. I have seen other sources talking about "Barley Pilaf", and it was one of the suggestions in an old version of the Known World Handbook of things to take to an SCA Potluck. 

As is stated in the book and in your review - there are no surviving recipes from Anglo Saxon England. Not all the recipes in the book are ones that should be used at a feast. However, there are some which can be used reasonably safely. 

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>Two suggestions on things to bring, but you'd have to decide how filling they are - Apple and Onion Salad, or Barley Pilaf. The Barley Pilaf was VERY popular at a feast I cooked, and I've served the Apple and Onion salad to mundanes as well as Scadians and it was well recieved both places.
>Apple and Onion Salad
>Take sweet apples (I used Pink Ladies) and cut them into small chunks in a bowl. Cut some onion (I used red onions, both for flavor and color) into small chunks and mix with the apple. Toss with a small amount of red wine vinegar and olive oil. Salt and Pepper to taste. 
>Barley Pilaf
>(from "Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England)

The fact that a recipe is in _Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England_ is no evidence at all that it's period.The recipes are modern recipes with Anglo-Saxon names.

For details, see my review of the book at:


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