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Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Feb 4 06:06:14 PST 2012

The Known World Handbook is a suspect source in itself and anything that 
bills itself as pilaf may be questionable as pilaf is a late addition to 
English.  Rather than all the flim-flam, why not use (Cato, IIRC) a period 
recipe for polenta that is a demostrable method for preparing grain from 
Antiquity to the Modern Eras?


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> While the book itself may not be entirely period and put together from 
> suspect sources, that doesn't mean the recipe itself isn't valid for use 
> at an SCA feast. I have seen other sources talking about "Barley Pilaf", 
> and it was one of the suggestions in an old version of the Known World 
> Handbook of things to take to an SCA Potluck.
> As is stated in the book and in your review - there are no surviving 
> recipes from Anglo Saxon England. Not all the recipes in the book are ones 
> that should be used at a feast. However, there are some which can be used 
> reasonably safely.

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