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I thought some folks might be interested in this. There *might* be  
close to period in recipe/style since they say the company has been in  
bussiness since the 16th C. Sorry for the missing letter in each line  
of the forwarded message. That's the way it got to me.

I'm not sure what makes these "bangers" and bacon different, although  
the bacon on their webpage, http://www.balsonbutchers.com/ sure  
doesn't look like the American "streaky" bacon I'm used to.

Unfortunately, I have a Sam's membership, but not a Costco one.


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> I ordered some for BAD V, paid for shipping etc etc and now they  
> decide to start selling them at COSTCO. !!!
> This is as close as you'll get to real English sausage and bacon.  
> Plus the firm has been in business since the 16th cent.
> So the more we buy, the more likely COSTCO is to keep stocking  
> British meats.
> Enjoy.
> Debora of Durham.
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> From: Balsons Butchers <contact at balsonbutchers.com>
> To: Debora <Deboramarzec at aol.com>
> Sent: Thu, Feb 9, 2012 3:06 pm
> Subject: Balson's Bangers at COSTCO!!
> Dear Friend of RJ Balson & Son, "England's Oldest Butchers" --
> We have some wonderful news, and we need your help!  Our Traditional  
> Bangers are
> ow hitting the shelves of the majority of COSTCO grocery stores and  
> will be
> old for the next few weeks, unti St Patricks Day (or while supplies  
> last)!  We
> ave worked long and hard to make this happen, and this is a HUGE  
> opportunity
> or us to show COSTCO that there is a great demand for British and  
> Irish meats
> ere in the U.S.A.  If they do well, we can potentially get bangers,  
> back bacon,
> nd even black pudding on the shelves, on a regular basis!  (We do  
> not determine
> he retail cost of the product -- this will be set by Costco, but we  
> are sure it
> ill be a great price!)
> We need your help to spread the word!  We're up against other  
> products from big
> ompanies that have a lot of money to spend on advertizing and  
> marketing, and so
> e are asking for your help -- if there is a Costco near you that is  
> stocking,
> e encourage you to purchase our bangers there (they can be frozen,  
> so please
> tock up!), tell your friends, family, British and Irish clubs, and  
> neighbors--
> elp us spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends,  
> posting on
> acebook, Twitter, etc.!  We deeply value our customers and have been  
> so
> ncouraged by many of your positive emails these past few years --  
> you have
> ontributed to our success and we hope to keep the momentum going!
> Here is a timeline of Regions:
> So Cal    COSTCO -- (All Costcos in San Diego area, Las Vegas area,   
> AZ, CO,
> M,) -- Products hitting shelves today and tomorrow!
> A area  COSTCO -- (All Costcos in Los Angeles area, up to  
> Bakersfield) --
> roducts hitting shelves next week (16-17th)
> X area COSTCO -- (All Costcos in TX) -- Products hitting shelves  
> next week
> 16th-17th)
> ortheast COSTCO -- (All Costcos from VA north to VT and NH, and all  
> states in
> etween) -- Products hitting shelves next week (16th-17th)
> idwest COSTCO -- (All Costcos in KS, NE, MO, IA, WI, MI, MN, IL, IN,  
> OH, and
> Y) -- Products hitting shelves Feb. 23rd-24th
> Bangers will be in a 2-lb pack and will be able to be refrigerated  
> or frozen
> fter purchasing! We look forward to a great turnout and hopefully  
> we'll get the
> outheast (NC, SC, GA, and FL) and Northwest (WA, OR, northern CA) on  
> board next
> ime!  Thank you for your help, and being a huge part of helping us  
> bring
> nglish and Irish meat products to the mainstream USA!
> Cheers!
> he Balsons
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