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Bacon here in Britain is generally "Back Bacon", which is the similar to "Canadian Bacon". You can get streaky bacon  over here, but it doesn't seem quite the same. The flavor is different than ham, but a lightly smoked ham might work as a substitute as someone else suggested. A better substitute would be if you could get Canadian Bacon.

Also, you can buy back bacon either smoked or unsmoked. I don't know how much of a difference the smoked flavor would make in your recipes.

(an American currently living in Britain.)

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I thought some folks might be interested in this. There *might* be close to period in recipe/style since they say the company has been in bussiness since the 16th C. Sorry for the missing letter in each line of the forwarded message. That's the way it got to me.

I'm not sure what makes these "bangers" and bacon different, although the bacon on their webpage, http://www.balsonbutchers.com/ sure doesn't look like the American "streaky" bacon I'm used to.

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